1. Jordi Fernandez

    Dear Mrs. Katrien Verstuyft,

    I am writing to you because I will soon finish the book All Triathlon. From 0:00 to finisher. With more than 640 pages (including statistics, illustrations and pictures) this book contains all matters related to triathlon, as history of this sport, characteristics and regulations of the different modalities, anatomy, physiology, training theory, work in the gym, nutrition, ergogenic helps and doping, fundamental aspects of its 3 disciplines and transitions, races analysis, sports psychology, frequent injuries and illnesses in triathletes, causes, prevention and treatments.
    The aim of this book is to introduce this sport to a wider audience, the only way, I think, to increase triathlon´s presence in media and sponsors.
    Counting with the presence of big stars, having contributed to the greatness of triathlon like you, would be a big help in terms of getting the sport known by the greater number of people possible. For this reason, I am asking for 2-3 pictures of you training (warming up, stretching, in the water, on the bike, running or in the gym), competing or any of which you think represents you better. (As well as the enclosed document signed that you can send with the pictures to my email directly -to send the doc I need your email),

    Thanking you in advance for your cooperation, and looking forward to hearing from you,

    Best Regards

    Jordi Fernández Carmona

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